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Cipro is a medication that is very commonly used to treat various infections, such as UTIs, acute cystitis in women, prostatitis, respiratory tract infections, acute sinusitis, skin, bone and joint infections, thyroid fever and other.

Drug Related Drug Names
Ciprofloxacin, Cipro XR, Proquin XR

Pros and cons of the drug

Cipro has a huge number of advantages comparing to other medication, it is easy to use, it can treat an extremely vast spectrum of different bacterial illnesses and it is the only drug of its kind that has recently been approved for preventing anthrax.

This antibiotic is the most effective in fighting the common bacteria that causes infections of external ear, pulmonary and urinary tracts, wounds and burns. Besides that Cipro has a very high bioavailability of 70 to 80%, which means that it is able to absorb and starts treating very fast.

Cipro is easily accessible by the public, it is fairly inexpensive and you can get a generic version of the drug.

However, there are several disadvantages Cipro has and there are some conditions you need to watch out for as they may be induce by this drug. First of all, Cipro is barely helpful in fighting very common Streptococcus bacteria that is responsible for meningitis and pneumonia.

Cipro may cause tendon damage and peripheral neuropathy. Besides that you need to pay attention in case you start developing severe allergic reactions, vision disturbance, start experiencing phototoxicity or crystals in the urine.

Before and during the treatment

Cipro is a serious antibiotic and it may be responsible for various side effects in patients, therefore before you start talking it you need to be sure it is safe for you. For instance, check if you are allergic to the drug or similar antibiotics.

If you are not sure you need to contact your doctor and also let him or her know if you are currently suffering from a liver or a kidney disease, joint problems, myasthenia gravis, diabetes, hypokalemia or if you have a history of seizures or Long QT syndrome.

Once you have already started the treatment avoid taking such dairy products as yogurt, milk or calcium-fortified juice together with Cipro as these products may decrease the effectiveness of the drug.

However these products are not the only substances that can interfere with Cipro’s performance. Vitamins, antacids and mineral supplements should not be taken 2 hours after or 6 hours before Cipro.

Some people, especially if they are over 60 years old, take steroid medication or had a heart, lung, or kidney transplant may be a target for swelling and tearing of the fiber connecting muscles to bones in the body, which is called tendon, due to treatment with Cipro.

That is why if you start experiencing sudden swelling, pain, or any problems with your joint you need to notify your doctor immediately.

Confusion in elderly

Cipro is not only responsible for tendon problems in elderly people but for some other serious conditions as well. For example, it is interesting that such antibiotics as Cipro and other similar ones have been noticed to cause severe cases of confusion among the people over 60.

To support this statement there have been numerous accounts of elderly patients wandering around in complete confusing after taking the medication.

Even though the percentage of this side effect is very low because it only affects one age group, but it is as the same time fairly common in people of a certain age and therefore is a reason for concern for those treating elderly patients.