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Xenical is the medicine for the weight loss.

Drug Related Drug Names
Orlistat, Alli

Xenical: how does t work?

The pancreas produces one enzyme that helps fats to break down and to assimilate in the body. This ferment is lipasa.

Xenical blocks the production of lipase and prevents the digestion of 30% received dietary fats. Consequently, the body begins to use its own energy fat "reserves" and the weight begins to fall. In contradistinction from most medicines for weight loss, Xenical works gradually – the body loses from 5% to 10% of initial weight in 6 months.

This significantly abates the risk of origin and developing of several serious diseases and make the therapy process manageable and safe. Also Xencal influences on the LDL cholesterol decrease and lowers blood pressure those patients which are suffering from obesity and hypertension.

Nutritionists have come to a consensus that the effectiveness of drugs for weight loss is determined by preventing the increase of its dose.

This problem can be successfully solved by Xenical. Taking Xenical for 3-6 months the patient does not only lose weight, they also learn to observe a balanced, low-calorie diet. If you diet has the excess fat, drug "signals” by increasing the number of stools and diarrhea.

Stimulating the being dieting Xenical guarantees the weight loss not only during the treatment. There is reliably confirmed that the weight gain continue to decrease within two years after finishing the treatment. It significantly differs Xenical from other medicines for weight loss.

Dose and warnings

It is recommended to take Xenical three times a day per 1 pill with meal or within 1 hour after meal. It is convenient to take Xenical with every main meal, but do not take this medicine more than three pills a day and more than one capsule at once. This does not increase the efficacy of the drug and can even harm you.

The usual course of treatment takes from 3 to 6 months. Of course most patients begin to lose weight after the first few weeks of treatment. However, the goal of therapy is not only lose weight but keep the weight afterwards and to form a proper diet, you must take Xenical 3-6 months.

You should always be mindful of security.

Otherwise, you will too high a price for the results. The mechanism of action of the Xenical has been well studied in many clinical trials involving more than 4,000 people. About the safety of the drug suggests the fact that Xenical has no systemic effects as it is active only in the intestine.

Use of the drug Xenical is not addictive, respectively, after admission there is no withdrawal syndrome. It should be noted that while Xenical is prescribed by the physician, its use does not require constant medical supervision.

Do not take Xenical if you are pregnant or going to be. Also it is forbidden in time of lactation.

The side effects are quite rare, but sometimes patients face with some allergic reactions, meteorism, fatty stool, increased frequency of defecation.

Some facts about Xenical

An important advantage of Xenical is that it has a number of related effects. For example, lowers the level of glucose and cholesterol in the blood, which is important for patients with diabetes and arterial hypertension. In addition, taking Xenical does not increase the risk of gallstones, with a possible reduction in body weight.

Do not overlook the cosmetic effect, which provides Xenical. Slow weight loss does not cause permanent cosmetic changes of the skin.

The program of weight control with Xenical provides a smooth decrease of body weight, stable, long-term effect and prevents the re-gaining weight.

The product has won the trust of doctors, so it is increasingly being used in medical practice. Xenical has taken a worthy place in the market of drugs for weight loss and long-term control.