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Neurontin is an amino acid with anticonvulsant action. It is an anti-epileptic medication used to treat epilepsy caused seizures, nerve pain, and neuralgia.

Drug Related Drug Names
Gabapentin, Gralise

General Information

This drug can come in capsules and tablets. It contains the active component Gabapentin (that is why it often has two names) which is used while treating epilepsy by regulating electrical brain activity. Let’s talk more about this function of the drug.

It is widely known that human nerves and brain consist of cells that are constantly in communication via electrical signals in order to provide proper function of brain and nerves. That is why all the electrical signals between these vital body organs must be carefully regulated at any time.

But this function can be in disorder when there is an over-stimulation of brain caused by excessive quantity of electrical signals.

Then seizures may happen. Neurontin averts excessive electrical signals in the brain. Its action can be compared to a kind of neurotransmitter, which is chemical substance which is released at the end of a nerve fiber or stored at the nerve cell.

These body chemicals transmit messages or signals to the nerve cells. They can also function as a special “balance keepers” or “regulators” of nerve activity in the brain.

Therefore, Neurontin acts similarly to the following neurotransmitter and calms the nerve activity in the brain.

Usage of Neurontin

Neurontic can be taken by both adults and children. It can be used to treat seizures in adults and children who have reached the age of 12 at least and as an additional drug to treat partial seizures in children aged from 3 to 12 who take some other anti-epileptic medicines.

But take serious precautions while giving this drug to children and teenagers as it may impose effects on intelligence, learning, concentration difficulties, memory loss and development.

It is also commonly used among adults to treat nerve pain provoked by shingles or herpes viruses. Neurontin can be used to treat pain that results from damage or a disturbance in the function of nerves (neuropathic pain).

The next usage is to take it for severe pain in the lips, gums, cheek, chin or eye caused by a disorder of the face nerves. In any case turn for help to your medical health provider and take great care in seeking medical advice.

Let your doctor know about any other drugs you are currently taking, any allergies that you have and any symptoms you experience. The doctor should be aware of your medical history, especially mood problems or states close to suicidal.

Interesting facts

The very interesting fact is that many scientists claim this drug has a very low number of side effects.

Among the usual ones you can have dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, lightheadedness and a lack of coordination, cloudy thinking and fatigue. It is known for its pain killing effect of migraine pain.

It is worthy to mention that Neurontin can be a fine behavioral and mood stabilizer, sometimes a nice thing for depression. It is particularly useful for social anxiety, sometimes for social phobias and panic in those who don't find the side effects troublesome.

There has been a great controversy about Neurontin effectiveness. In 2002 a lawsuit was filed claiming that the producer of the drug marketed the drug for treating biopolar disorder.

The manufacturers’ plan was to deliberately persuade doctors to prescribe Neurontin to get more profit. After a series of investigation, trial obliged Pfizer Inc to pay huge penalties totaling in $ 430 million for dishonestly marketing Neurontin as an effective drug for biopolar disorder.