Buy Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) Online


Medicine Nolvadex is used for the treatment of the breast cancer.

Drug Related Drug Names
Tamoxifen, Soltamox, Istubal, Valodex

Nolvadex field of application

Women’s breast cancer is usually provoked by the excess of the estrogen hormone in the body. During the process of the treatment it is necessary to reduce the level of such substance in the body of the patients.

That’s why doctors always prescribe Nolvadex for the effective and safe for the health treatment. It blocks the development of the estrogen and the growth of the malignant tumor reduces.

Tamoxifen is prescribed and for the women which are in the risk zone. They are women, whose close relatives, such as grandmothers, mothers and daughters had cancer, old women, who have never been pregnant or older pregnant women.

The medicines start to work at once after their taking. Its therapeutic influence lasts more than five hours. Nolvadex keeps blocking the body cells affected with the cancer yet for some days after its using.

In some cases this medicine is prescribed to men too.

It is necessary for the treatment of the cancer of the prostate. Sometimes Nolvadex is taken by the patients who suffer with kidney cancer or tissue sarcoma as well. The pills are usually taken two times a day, but in some difficult cases the doze can be increased.

Taking of the drugs require caution

Like other medicines, Nolvadex can also cause some side effects. So it is allowed to take it only after special clinical examinations. During the treatment patients can suffer with some indisposition as nausea, severe headache. Sometimes patients complain on diarrhea, which can last for some days. There can also appear problems with the eyesight. These side effects don’t bring much damage for the health and they usually disappear in the end of the treatment.

Some symptoms can be quite severe. They may provoke hepatitis and thrombosis. Such side effects require their own special treatment.

Women should be careful with the usage of drugs, because in many cases it causes ovulation, so there is a risk of pregnancy, which is not desirable during the treatment of cancer. That’s why during the period of intensive care, women should regularly take birth control pills.

Sometimes Nolvadex causes drowsiness. For this reason people should not drive a road transport or to be engaged with work that requires constant attention.

Alternative using of the drug

During menopause, women can also take these drugs because they normalize hormone levels in the body. But in some cases, Nolvadex can degrade vision.

The drug is in the great interest among the athletes who do not have health problems. This is a very powerful steroid. Because of its influence, the growth of the muscle mass begins to increase. The fluid accumulates under the skin, so the muscles look more even.

Of course it is almost impossible to buy the medicines without the prescription, but it is possible to get it under the counter in special places.

If a sportsman decides to take such pills, he should at first have special treatment, which reduces estrogen hormone in the body. It is necessary to take only a little doze of the medicine, because it is rather dangerous for the health.

Some women also take little dozes of Nolvadex to get rid of the excessive fat on the hips. But such manipulations with the medicines can damage the reproductive system. So, it is better to find some another way to control the body weight.