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Zithromax is prescribed for treating pneumonia, bronchitis, tonsillitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, otitis, bacterial infections of the soft tissue or skinn, Chlamydia, Lyme disease and moderate or mild thyroid problems if they are caused by antibacterial resistant organisms.

Drug Related Drug Names
Azithromycin, Zmax, Zithromac, Vinzam,
Zmax, Sumamed, Z-pak

Zithromax and its usage

This medication is used in treating different kinds of conditions caused by different bacteria. It does not directly kill the dangerous bacteria but instead does not let it grow and multiply. This prevents the infection from spreading further and the bacteria that remains either gets killed by the immune system or dies eventually.

Depending on the type of the infection you have and age your doctor will recommend you Zithromax dosage and regime accordingly. Usually patients take this drug once a day, but even if your doctor told you to take it differently you need to follow his instructions to the letter.

The capsules of Zithromax are the most effective when they are taken one hour before or at least two hours after food.

If you take this medication in a suspension form instead of pills remember to shake it well before using and only use the measuring spoon that is sold together with the medicine. Zithromax suspension can be used both with and without food.

Consult your doctor if

Before starting you on Zithromax your doctor will ask you a few questions to help determine whether this drug is right for. These questions typically include asking if you are allergic to the medication, if you have a kidney or a liver disease or if you are taking any other medications that may interfere with Zithromax.

Remember that it is very important to continue the treatment even if it seems like all of the symptoms have gone away already. If you stop the treatment too early the infection may later relapse and become drug-resistant.

It is quite common for antibiotics to be responsible for bowel inflammation, which means that may suffer from persistent or severe diarrhea that may contain mucus or blood. If you experience these side effects contact your doctor immediately.

Sometimes Zithromax and other similar antibiotics can cause for organisms such as fungi to overgrow. Because of this, if you think you have developed a new type of infection while taking the medication the visit to your doctor should not be postponed.

There are also other possible side effects that may surface due to Zithromax usage. Some of them are less severe than others and many disappear when you discontinue taking the drug. But if you want to avoid any serious complications it is better to seek medical attention if you think that there is something wrong with your body.

QT prolongation

There have been reasons to believe that there should be a new side effect of Zithromax added to the list. It is interesting that this medication can influence the heart rhythm. What happens is that Zithromax causes the condition known as QT prolongation which can disturb the rhythm of your heart. If caught early it can be relatively easy to deal with this problem but if undetected QT prolongation can be very dangerous and sometimes ever fatal. If the heartbeats become too disturbed and extremely irregular it may cause severe damage to your body. Because of this the condition requires immediate medical attention. The risk of developing QT prolongation while on Zithromax is significantly higher if you have medical problems that affect the heart rhythm or take others drugs that do.

If you have any concern that your heart may be in danger do not take Zithromax unless the doctor says you can.