Buy Propecia (Finasteride) Online


Propecia is a medicine against male hair loss. This drug must not be taken by women or children.

Drug Related Drug Names
Finasteride, Fincar, Finax, Finast,
Finara, Finalo, Prosteride

What is it for?

It is a very common problem for men to experience thinning of hair and losing their hair at the scalp area and many men are seeking ways to stop this process and to have thick hair again.

At the first sight it may seem impossible, but would you like to keep all your hair just by taking one pill a day?

I suppose the answer is yes! Just including

Propecia into your day regimen will help you to keep all the hair you have now and avoid being bald very early. This drug has been medically tested and proved to be efficient treatment.

Very shocking results were discovered after trying this drug for the first time.

After taking Propecia for two years most of men (nearly 85%) were amazed to find out that the hair loss stopped completely or even experienced an increase in hair growth, which is unbelievable.

How doest it function?

It blocks the key reason of male hair loss. Excessive testosterone in combination with a different ferment forms a very potent sexual hormone called DHT. It affects the male hair loss and also causes oiliness, itching and sometimes inflammation.

Propecia due to containing the active ingredient finasteride blocks and restrains the development of the DHT hormone.

There was another medication called Proscar, which was used in the early and mid 90s. Propecia is an offshoot of this drug and it was started in the late 90s. Since then it had been the most successful drug to deal with such a common problem of male hair loss.

Overall taking Propecia gives you a clinically-proven guarantee of stopping your hair from loss. Propecia comes in film-coated tablets.

Be patient to see the results as only a constant daily taking will ensure proper hormone development and influence on your health. As hormones is very delicate material to work with pay a great attention to the dosage.

Take 1 mg pill a day, do not skip and make any exceptions. You will notice the stop of hair loss after about 4 month. The best results are said to come after you reach 1 year’s point of taking Propecia.

New facts

However, recent research has shown that taking Propecia may have negative effects on men’s sexual health.

It is interesting that such effects can be noticed for some months even after men stop taking this drug. Studies show that men tend to have sexual problems which may lead to serious dysfunctions connected with orgasm and ejaculation.

About 90% of men involved in research had sexual-related side effects during taking Propecia and after they stopped using this medication.

Notably, all the men were healthy and none of them have ever had any sexual problems prior to taking Propecia.

The reports and the research were carried out by different scientific and medical journals and then published in newspapers.

Some scientists tend to think that the chances of improving male sexual health are very low due to the length and seriousness of side effects.

In connection to these risks, it was required that a special labels informing about possible sexual-related side effects were added to Propecia. It was aimed at increasing men’s awareness of the possible consequences of taking this drug.