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This medicine is for those who suffer from genital herpes, shingles and children with chickenpox.

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You should keep abreast of this .

When your doctor prescribe you Acyclovir you should clearly understand that it will not cure your infection at all; it will just help your sores to recover as fast as it is possible and consequently it will reduce your pain and unpleasant feelings.

Also it may be given to prevent relapse of the infection. Moreover you shouldn’t stop taking pill as soon as you notice the result and you feel better; it is significant that you should take the complete course of your medicine as it was prescribed.

Doctor will probably advise you to drink as much liquid as possible and he will be definitely right, because liquid will help your organism to get rid of harmful substances faster. This is a short notice you should always remember.

Is it really dangerous to take pills?

Being very effective and forceful medication Acyclovir has several side effects as well. But it may seem so dangerous from the first sight, don’t pay too much attention to it, because your disease is much more serious and harmful, but of course take all the possible effects into consideration when start taking pills.

As for the Acyclovir possible side effects may depend on the size of your doze and disease you are fighting against. Also it is rather hard to notice the difference between possible side effects or symptoms of your disease, but try to be very attentive not to miss something dangerous.

As every medication Acyclovir has two groups of side effects, they are common symptoms and unusual side effects which may occur rarely and may be rather dangerous for our body. In the list of common side effects we may find: headaches; no appetite; diarrhea; sickness; stomachache etc.

To more serious side effects we may relate: weakness; problems with urination; hallucinations; tremor or unusual behavior etc. If you notice some symptoms from the second group you have to tell your doctor immediately and he will help you to avoid further complications.

And the most important thing about Acyclovir you should remember is that it apart from many other medicines isn’t addictive.

Solve your problems.

For some people who take big doses of this medicine it is uncomfortable to swallow them, to avoid these inconveniences doctors advice to break or crash pill into the glass of water or even in soft food such as pudding. It will save you from its awful taste.

Also the best variant will be to ask your doctor to prescribe you liquor. It is known that Acyclovir tastes awfully but it affects your body as charming stick, so the result is worth bearing.

The question about having sex while taking Acyclovir is very widespread. So the answer is rather simple.

If you use contraceptives and your partner is not afraid of catching herpes you may have sexual contacts but looking at this situation from the other side it is important to say that it will be rather risky for your sexual partner.

However this medication is not additive, many people are afraid and see no sense in withdrawing it. They think that their pain will return and herpes will bother them again.

In some cases they are right but it is dangerous to take Acyclovir for a long period of time, you should at least make some breaks and it will reduce the risk of having side effects.

Because the main reason why side effects occur is lasting usage of the medicine, so every professional will say you to make small pauses if you are not willing to stop taking pills at all. Remember that you should know the measure.