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Amoxil is an antibiotic used by people with infection diseases.

Drug Related Drug Names
Amoxicillin, Dispermox, Trimox, Moxatag,

Possible interactions.

This medication is used preferably to treat diseases caused by different kinds of infections. It may be used together with some other kinds of antibiotics to treat more complicated diseases.

But there are some medicines that may interact with Amoxil and lead to undesirable results. So to the list of medicines you can’t take together with Amoxil we can relate: doxycycline, Septra, Benemid,BCP(birth control pills) etc.

The list is rather long and there is no sense to write hundreds of pills here, it will be more comfortable to check medicine interaction on the special sites or consult with your doctor about all the pills you take and all the diseases you have or ever had and he will write you an exact prescription on what you can take and what you can’t.

If you don’t follow doctor’s advice you may provoke appearing of side effects or even worsening of your condition. The list of the diseases which are cured by Amoxil is rather big so we can see that it is a multifunctional pill.

Rational usage of it will destroy pathogenic bacteria in your body, but if you use it with the wrong purpose it may destroy necessary bacteria in your body as well.

If doctor didn’t provide you with enough information use this.

You have a prescription, you’ve bought pills and you know the dosage but you don’t know how to take medicine right, don’t worry here are some tips which may prove useful to you.

There are three known kinds of Amoxil pills, they are: liquid, chewing tablet and extended-release pill. If you should take liquid medicine you have to shake it before measuring, and then pour necessary quantity into measure spoon.

You may drink it itself or with milk, juice or water. What is important is that you should drink it at once and never leave it for afterwards. In case if you have chewing tablet, you should first of all chew it properly and only then swallow.

And if you have extended-release pill you should swallow the whole pill, because if you break it or crash too much of medicine may get into your body at one time and it may be dangerous.

Constant test have to be done to know if medicine really helps you or not. Also one important peculiarity is that while taking these pills your tests may show false results so anyway tell your healthcare provider that you are on pills.

The last thing is that you have to take the complete course of the medicine vice versa it may be ineffective. Even if you notice improvements you shouldn’t withdraw, it may influence further treatment.

External use of Amoxil is it possible?

The information above says that Amoxil fights against bacteria and infections, but in particular cases some bacteria can resist this medicine.

For example bacteria which cause skin infections are stable to Amoxil and there is almost no use in taking it. It is only useful when taking orally or making injections, if you have skin wound don’t try to put Amoxil directly in there. It is better to ask your doctor what was the reason of these injuries and maybe you don’t have to use this medicine at all.

Don’t be in a hurry to take pills, maybe you don’t need them. Remember taking pills is the last measure in the fight against your disease.

But even if you really need medications, try to take them regularly and no longer than it is needed.