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This medication was created to fight bacteria and treat infections.

Drug Related Drug Names
Amoclan, Augmentin ES-600, Augmentin XR

Let your doctor know about every trifle.

You are the person suffering from constant infectious diseases and you are fed up with all this stuff, so you have to take some measures. The first thing you can do is to ask your doctor for a help.

Tell him all the symptoms you have noticed and all the medications you have tried. If you disease can be treated with Augmentin he will prescribe it to you, but first of all you should tell him about all serious diseases you have had and all the medicines you have ever taken, all this is very important when diagnosing and prescribing the medicine.

Mention if you have or had problems with liver, kidney or mononucleosis and different allergic reactions to any herbs or some kinds of medicines.

Scientific researches didn’t expose danger to unborn baby if you take Augmentin while pregnancy, but nevertheless it is better to let the specialist know about your pregnancy.

For those who are using BCP (birth control pills) it will be interesting to know that when taking Augmentin the action of contraceptives is reduced so the possibility to get pregnant increases. Don’t make any changes into your prescription list without consulting your doctor before it.

Too much anxiety won’t bring any use

You realize that Augmentin is very strong and forceful medicine and you are worried all the time if it makes harm to your body. Desire to minimize the risk for your organism is normal but too much attention won’t be useful as well.

Of course there are some ways to reduce hard influence of medicine on your health and the first of course is to follow the directions strictly. The second thing is that you have to take pill with a full glass of water or other soft drink before having a meal it will reduce problems with stomach and avoid diarrhea.

When we worry about something we are tend to complicate all things and exaggerate them, so even if some side effects occur it doesn’t mean that you should stop taking pills at once.

Try to observe if it is really reaction of your organism to this medicine or there are other reasons for such symptoms. Medical forums are full of questions about causing of flu and cold by Augmentin, especially in winter.

Concentrated on their diseases people usually forget that there are thousands of reasons which can cause diseases like flu, runny nose or cough. So it may be usual infection.

Don’t try to accuse medicine of things it haven’t really done. But even the reason is in it you were given an advance notice about its side effects and danger it can be.

Don’t be upset in advance. You will succeed in the end.

Common case is that you may have severe cough and the reason of it is infection and bacteria, your doctor will probably prescribe you Augmentin if he is a good specialist.

But even after the whole course of antibiotic you may not notice any changes. In this case your doctor has to make several tests, because such thing is rather widespread. Augmentin could have destroyed the bacteria and infection itself, but you are still coughing.

In such situation it will be stupid to think that Augmentin didn’t cope with its task because infection was cleared up. The only thing you should do if you face with such situation is to start taking medicine to treat your cough; they are less serious and harmful.

Sometimes such accidents occur, but not all the time, so maybe you will be lucky to cure you disease from the first attempt.