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The main purpose of Avapro usage is high blood pressure or hypertension in other words.

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Prepare for taking Avapro.

When you notice the first symptoms of any disease you should ask for doctor’s help. Before going to a doctor make a list of all serious diseases you have or had and all medications you take or have recently been taking. Also remember if you ever had allergy to any medicine and if you take any herbals or dietary additives.

Especially important to mention if you have liver or kidney disease, problems with heart or you are dehydrated. Presence of such diseases may change your way of treatment or require some tests to be done to know if you may take them.

This medicine is related to the D – risk group as for the causing harm to an unborn baby, it means that it can cause harm to it or even lead to its death. So to avoid such situations tell your doctor if you are pregnant or going to get pregnant.

Most specialists will advise you to use contraceptives not to have a baby with birth defects. However this medicine is not new on the market, it is still unknown if it can harm baby on the assumption of your feeding him with your milk while using Avapro.

So to be on the safe side it is better to abstain from taking this medicine for some time.

Be aware.

Taking Avapro is not very risky and dangerous nevertheless you should follow safety tips to avoid unforeseen circumstances. There are some products you should not eat, drink and take inside. They are grapefruit, grapefruit juice, fiber and vitamins containing calcium.

These products may change the absorption of the medicine and consequently influence total treatment. It might be not dangerous but it is better not to risk. Alcohol also should be taken away from your daily allowance.

As for your movements you should avoid abrupt movements; don’t get up fast after lying or sitting, you may faint or feel giddy. Try to move carefully and not very fast.

Unknown side effects

Of course each of you has already read the official list of side effects which can be caused by Avapro, but also there is a range of symptoms which can be cause by this medicine. No one can say that they are frequent or common but they are still possible to occur.

To such effects we can attribute vision loss, hair loss, muscle cramping, itching, weight gain etc. Of course first thing all people do is accuse their medicine in all misfortunes. But first of all it is important to learn the real reason for these symptoms.

To improve your vision eat carrot or blackberry, hair loss maybe connected with the lack of protein in your body and the only thing you should do is fill in its lack, itching can only appear if you have allergic reaction to Avapro, so to get rid of this symptom you should stop taking this medication.

Weight gain may be the reason of sedentary life and overeating. All these side effects sound strange and they are not look like real symptoms, but nevertheless we won’t claim that such symptoms can’t occur. Possibility always exists.

One of the most important side effects which frighten all the men and women is that it can change your libido and provoke sexual dysfunction. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat your problems with blood pressure only because of your fear. The end justifies the means.