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This medicine is used by people with mild anxiety disorders.

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The action of the Buspar is directed to recover the balance of the chemicals in your brain which may be the reason of anxiety. This medication was created for the short term usage; lasting usage can cause side effects. Before taking these pills you have to consult your doctor, because they are related to the class of medicines which are not sold without prescription.

As for the information which you should provide for your doctor, you have to say if you have liver or kidney diseases, allergy reactions and if you are pregnant.

However researches show that it won’t cause harm to an unborn child, it is better to consult your doctor or even not to take Buspar while being pregnant. There is no need in extra risk. It is also not recommended to people under 18 years old.

Short instruction:

  • Take your pill twice or three times a day as it is prescript swallow the whole pill;
  • You have to take pill without food but all the time the same way, because food may change the way medicine is absorbed by your organism;
  • It is better to take pills the same time every day, it will become your habit so you won’t forget to take it;
  • Original tablets of Buspar are made with special lines which help and ease the process of splitting the pill if your dose is half of it or even the third part. There are such devices as “tablet splitters”, which also can help you to break your pill into equal pieces.
  • Sometimes doctor may advise you to drink grapefruit juice in order to increase the amount of medication in your body, but mostly drinking of grapefruit and eating grapefruit is undesirable.
  • Remember that at the beginning of your treatment your anxiety disorders may increase but later they will disappear. It may take more than a month to finish the full course.

    Try to follow these short tips and you will not notice when you will be healthy and forget about your anxiety as about nightmare.

I’m anxious about having sex.

Changes in your sexual life are possible side effects of almost all medications especially for mental diseases and Buspar is not an exception.

Changes may be unnoticeable but also they may be rather considerable and disappointing. But don't be in a hurry to buy pills for treating impotence or something like this, when you stop taking pills all these side effects will completely disappear.

But before taking this medicine you should be hip to the possible consequences. As for the changes in your sexual activity it should be said that it can cause impotence, reduce sex drive and delay erection.

It can change your sex drive but no one knows when it can increase it and when reduce, so you can’t know for sure.

Delayed erection is not so serious problem, it is more disappointing factor, which can also influence your anxiety and worsen it.

Impotence as it is known is a complete inability of men to get an erection, in such cases side effect is very serious and you should immediately ask for help.

However researches show very low percentage of occurring of such side effects, they still can occur. If you have read all this information you may be sure that you are informed and consequently armed and prepared to fight against your disease.