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Celexa is the kind of antidepressant that is used for depression treatment.

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What is Celexa?

Antidepressants help a lot of people which are suffering from depression to live a happy life. It is frequently used to treat panic disorder and anxiety. Celexa can considerably reduce some symptoms of premature ejaculation and diabetic neuropathy. There exist evidence that Celexa may be effective while post-stroke pathologic crying treatment.

Celexa on its own is more or less effective for people suffering from migraines. Very often it is used for the prevention of migraines simultaneously combining the medicine with other drugs.

You have to consult the doctor or, for example, the pharmacist before taking these drugs. Celexa may involve some ingredients which can provoke allergic reactions and some other problems.

The best way to reduce side effects or not desirable reactions is tell the doctor your medical history and also the history of your family paying attention to the psychiatric disorders, bleeding problems, sever kidney disease and liver disease, stomach bleeding, low sodium in the blood.

The main advantages of Celexa among others antidepressants consist in minimal number of side-effects and low risk of origin of the symptoms. It is well-tolerated, less likely causes sexual disorders. Celexa may normalize your blood pressure and has an analgesic effect.


Celexa isn’t recommended for patients to take more than 40 mg in a day. The large dose causes a large influence on the QT interval. Moreover it confers no more additional benefit. The initial dosage is 20 milligrams once a day. Take it in the evening or in the morning with food or without it. If you are 60 years old and older, or you are suffering from hepatic impairment, the dose of 20 milligram is maximum for you.

For children up to eleven years the dose is no more than 5-10 milligrams a day. If it is needed you may slowly increase the dose by five milligrams a day every 2 weeks. For teenagers (12-18 years) the initial dose can be from 10 to 20 milligrams in a day. If it is needed the dose may be slowly increased by 10 milligrams a day every 2 weeks.

There are some side effects in a form of allergic reaction. If you feel that your face, lips, throat or tongue begin to swell, or the breath becomes more difficult get emergency the medical help. Also there is a risk of appearance skin rash and hives.

Call the doctor if there’s any worsening or new symptoms as anxiety or panic attacks, mood and behavior changes, problems with sleeping. Also this list can be replenished by signs of impulsion, irritability, excitement, hostility, aggression, hyperactivity (physically or mentally) or have thoughts concerning suicide, hurting yourself,

We do not recommend you to take Celexa together with linwzolid, pimozide or MAOI as isocarboxazid, furazolidone, phenelzine, selegiline, rasagiline, tranylcypromine. It could provoke the occurrence of additional serious side effects. Your doctor must know about other antidepressants you take.

It can shock you…

It is quit interesting fact that Celexa, being an antidepressant, could lead you to the suicide. There were some cases when people taking this medicine comet suicide and resort to violence.

If a psychiatrist says that you have depression caused by lack of serotonin in the body tissues, you should ask the appropriate blood test and look the reaction of psychiatrist - says professor of anatomy, Jonathan Lee, - Number of people who believe, that scientists have shown the presence of low levels of serotonin in depressed people, is an excellent proof of the effectiveness of marketing. "