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Femara is used to treat with different kinds of breast cancer in post-menopausal women.

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What is Femara in general?

Femara is a medication which belongs to a hormone therapy. It is an aromatized inhibitor. You should know that this drug is used by post-menopausal women as a treatment for advanced breast cancer. It will help a woman to feel better even if her disease is becoming worse after having an anti-estrogen therapy.

This drug is useful for prevention of the cancer returning.

It is interesting that hormones are such chemical substances which are produced in your body by glands.

These hormones enter your bloodstream and after that they cause some effects in your tissues. Nowadays the usage of hormone therapy is very popular. Such therapy helps people to treat with cancer.

Do you know how it works?

Hormone therapies stop the production of certain hormones, blocking some hormone receptors.

There are a lot of different types of hormone therapies. The names of categories depend on hormones’ functions and their types. So Femara effect on some hormones and it helps your body to treat with the cancer.

Are there any side effects?

There are some important things which you should remember. First of all don’t be afraid that you will have some terrible side effects. Actually, it is quite rare case when people have some problems with their health because of taking Femara.

Usually some problems caused by this medication are predictable in terms of its duration and onset. It is should be said that side effects are usually reversible and they will stop after your treatment will be completed.

What actually belongs to side effects of the drug Femara?

They are: bone pain, joint pain, back pain, some hot flashes, extreme fatigue, nausea, coughing and shortness of your breath. Weight gain is also possible.

Some self care tips for you.

You should be quite careful when you are taking any medication. Of course, it is better to read some information to be ready for its usage. We will give you some advices about taking of Femara.

First of all try to avoid sun exposure. It will be better to wear SPF15 or even higher sun block. Also you can use some protective clothes.

Nowadays people work a lot, so try to have enough of rest, it is very important for you. In general, try to keep a quantity of drinking alcoholic beverages at the minimum level or even avoid doing it at all.

If you prefer to have good results in treatment with your problem, you should maintain good and healthy food. You should know that one of the side effects of Femera is a little nausea. In this case take anti-nausea drugs or just use a chewing gum.

It is possible to experience some hot flashes, the best way for you it is wearing light clothes and just try to stay at the cool environment.

Also you can put some cool pieces of clothes on you head. All these things will reduce bad symptoms and you will feel yourself much better.

The best decision is to consult with your health provider. He or she will advice what to do and what is forbidden during the taking of such medication as Femara.

Femara is a good and very convenient medication. Usually people don’t have any problems with taking it, but anyway you should be careful and tell your doctor about all your problems connected with usage of this preparation