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Flagyl is an antibiotic that fights infection in vagina, stomach, skin, joints and in respiratory tract.

Drug Related Drug Names
Flagyl ER, Metronidazole

What is Flagyl and how it works.

Flagyl is used for treating a big variety of body infections. The drug comes in forms of capsules and tablets. Most of the infections that the drug is used for are caused by certain types of parasites such as an ameba.

The medication fights bacteria diseases that have something to do with the inside of your body organs. Flagyl is used for infections of stomach, head, blood, bones, female reproductive tract, nervous system, lungs and even heart.

The drug also has injactable forms. But the injections are given only by IV. The medication works by getting in the bacteria or parasite cells.

Then there is a reaction that occurs inside of the bacteria because of the medication. The drug damages the cells of the bacteria, the parasites get killed and the infections go away.

Before taking Flagyl

Even though the medication treats such a wide variety of infection diseases it would be better for you to ask your doctor about the prescription and dosage that fits exactly your condition.

Although Flagyl is often used as an off-labeled drug and your healthcare provider may prescribe it to you even if you are not having bacteria infections.

Be careful about knowing what kind of bacteria caused your health problems. You should take the medication exactly how it is directed in your prescription.

Don’t take the drug longer than you were told to and don’t take more than your daily dose should be.

The overdose and a wrong prescription may cause serious problems and side effects such as seizures, fever, chills, flue symptoms, body aches. If you experience any of those feelings you should contact your doctor immediately. He will cut or change your medication.

If you are thinking of giving the medication to your kid, make sure that he or she has the infection caused by amebic parasite. The amebic parasite infection is the only kind of infection that Flagyl is approved for treating children under 11 years old. The dose of the kids’ medication depends on their age and weight.

Do not take the drug a couple hours before driving and operating a machine.

Interesting to know

Some people say that taking Flagyl with milk instead of water can be more effective for your health and less harmful for your liver.

Too old drugs of Flagyl caused cancer in mice and rats.

Taking Flagyl can make you super hyper. And people taking the drug might do some thing they would do before.

The medication in commonly used for treating animals. Most of them are either cats or dogs that suffer from stomach infection and diarrhea.

Lots pets are prescribed the medication after going through an operation. The Flagyl kind for dogs is mostly off labeled. You can get the drug in pretty much every vet pharmacy. But it is still recommended to check your dog’s health out at a vet office.

The drug is also used to prevent preterm births in women. It also commonly prescribed to women who are having a risk in delivering and vaginosis bacteria.

In some countries you can find the drug on a very low price, only because it’s not prescribed often enough.

If you have no prescription you can get a certain amount of the drug in some internet pharmacy stores. But the amount won’t be very effective to you and it is not recommended.