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Flomax is a medication for men, which helps treating enlarged prostate.

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How the Flomax works and what it is for

Flomax is a kind of medication that is called alpha - adrenergic blockers. The drug works by relaxing the muscles in the prostate and bladder neck. It helps releasing and loosing chemicals that caused the tightness of the prostate. Thanks to it urinating gets easier.

The medication also works with kidney stones. Kidney stones become very weak and separated from the urine system that’s why difficulties with urinating occur.

It is worth mentioning that Flomax does not shrink the prostate and it’s not a cure. It just helps to relieve the symptoms such as often urinating and difficulties with it. The symptoms that Flomax takes care of may occur only in men.

The drug can also be used for treating some other problems that have something to do with bladder outlet and are related to urine system. It may be used for treating other rare potential disorders in adult men. The medication comes in capsules and it is meant for taking orally.

Who can use Flomax and important facts

Before taking the Flomax do not hesitate talking and discussing your health problems with your physician. The medication is approved only for treating men’s urine system. It is not approved for treating women, but some health care provider may recommend an ‘off-label’ Flomax, but that is not recommended.

The medication is not approved for children. Don’t let your kids use the drug and keep it out from them in a hidden place. Flomax should be taken in certain doses. Overdose or a sudden drop of the medication may cause a low blood pressure, dizziness and you can even pass out.

So make sure you are taking the right dose of the drug. Another thing we should mention is that in case of self prescribing the medication (which is not really recommended) you should read the label on the package.

Be careful with the ingredients that the drug is made out of. If you are allergic to those it would be better for you to replace it with some other medication. And also if you are taking some other drugs you should make sure that those won’t interact with Flomax.

That’s why we strongly recommend you to talk to your doctor before taking the medication. It is better to make a schedule. For example take your pills in thirty minutes before you go to bed. In a couple days you will get used to the routine and it will be more effective.

Interesting to know

Canada is the country that uses the biggest amount of Flomax. And you can get the medication without any prescription there. Some Canadian health care providers sell the medication on a price that is two times lower than in any other country.

But in the same time you have to be very careful if you buy the medication from overseas! It’s better to do on very trusted sites because some of the dealers may just cheat on you. And you won’t get your order.

The medication is strictly prohibited for women but not for pregnant! The studies on animals showed that Flomax doesn’t influence and disturbs pregnancy at all, while woman in usual condition may have serious side effects!

Lots of healthcare providers may prescribe the medication to women for different reasons, while other physicians strictly prohibit the medication for using by women on any reasons.