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Fosamax is a medidcine against osteoporosis.

Drug Related Drug Names
Alendronate, Binosto

Have you ever heard of Fosamax?

Does pain in bones disturb you all the time?

Be careful it can lead to osteoporosis. But you need to know how to deal with your body when you got a disease like this.

There are a lot of medicines which your therapist can prescribe you to threat you for osteoporosis, but in this article you can get to know more about one of the best medicines in this sphere.

Fosamax is the new word in treatment of problems with your skeleton. This medicine changes the type of formation of your bones and helps to prevent its fractures.

It helps to increase bones mass and you need not to worry about breakdowns anymore. This type of drugs can even diminish bone loss and this will be better for your skeleton bodily.

Fosamax can be treated in both cases with men and women. Usually they need to use this type of medicine when they had some hormonal problems that were caused by menopauses or even by taking steroids.

So, according to the statistics, mostly people of older age have similar problems and use Fosamax. This drug can be also very useful in so called “war” against Paget's disease of bone.

Some peculiarities you need to remember when taking Fosamax!

If you were prescribed to take Fosamax, you need to know about all the various things that can happen with your body. That is why on this site you can read about the peculiarities of taking this drug.

First of all you need to know that there is a severe way of taking these tablets. Usually doctors prescribe to take Fosamax three times a day, but non of them warn that you need to sit or stand upright for 30 minutes minimum after you swallow the tablet and wash it down with water.

In another case that medicine can become a reason of really serious problems with your stomach or even with your esophagus (this is the name of the tube, which connects your stomach and mouth).

There are also some things you must not do in 30 minutes after taking Fosamax, we mean about eating or drinking something. This can have bad consequences for your health.

Many people, when they are not at home, but they need to take some medicines, wash down tablets with mineral water, tea, coffee juice or any other drink. Never do it with Fosamax!!! Use only plain water when you take it and there is one more thing you need to keep in your memory is to wash it down with full glass of water, not half.

If you take some vitamins or other pills and your doctor prescribe you Fosamax you need to ask him if one can combine it.

Some interesting things about osteoporosis as the reason of taking Fosamax

It is known that more then 24 million people in United States are ill for osteoporosis and are out of touch with it.

This disease can reach men and women, old and young. You never know if you have similar disease if you will not come to a doctor. According to statistics women more often then men have this disease, but it does not mean that if you are a man you will never be ill with it.

Osteoporosis is when bones become more brittle and it can lead to a snap in bones.

This disease is also known among doctors as “silent destroyer”, because you can live with it and never know that you have it, but someday it will give you an unpleasant sign that it is with you, but this could be really wrong time.

So there is one thing you need to remember forever. You need to take care not only about your appearance, but also about your lifestyle and health.

Though there are some medicines, like Fosamax, that can help you to save your health you need to try to do your best to prevent yourself from diseases.