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People use this medication to treat different types of bacterial infections.

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Think of it in advance

Keflex is a widespread medicine, which has already helped many people to get rid of infections caused by bacteria; we can’t relate cold, flu and infections cause by viruses to the class of diseases treated by Keflex.

Before taking this drug you have to consult your doctor and get a prescription, only with this prescription you will have an opportunity to buy this medication.

Also there is a range of diseases which can prevent you from taking this drug; you have to tell your health care provider if you have: allergy to cephalosporin antibiotics or allergic reaction to any medication; if you have ever had problems with kidney or liver, diabetes, stomach disorders.

As for the kidney and liver disease you have to remember that these kinds of illnesses can prevent you from taking the majority of drug, because these organs carry the major load; so if they are ill they just can fail, what will be rather unpleasant and disappointing.

So you must tell your doctor of such diseases to prevent unexpected consequences.

As Keflex include a portion of sugar it may be harmful for you if you have diabetes, so think about such things in advance. According to the researches this medication is not harmful for a future baby, though you have to inform your doctor if you are pregnant or going to become pregnant.


There is no use prescribing this drug to the patient whose bacterial infection is not totally proved. In this case this drug will be ineffective or even harmful as the patient’s body can form bacteria which are resistant to drugs.

Patients should carefully follow the prescription and during the whole period of treatment should be under the care of specialist to avoid unnecessary side effects. It is better not to take this medication for too long otherwise it may harm your organism.

If you are supposed to be operated or you have to combine surgery with the antibiotics you take, but don’t try to do it without help of professional. Also all patients should be warned that the may feel much better during the first days of treatment, but it is not the reason to stop treatment; all the course should be done as it was prescribed.

Early withdrawal can lead to reduction of first good result and even to the process of formation of resistant bacteria, which will be able to resist Keflex and other similar drugs.

One more thing you have to know is that you will possibly suffer from watery stool during the period of your treatment and several months after the finishing. It is not side effect, it is effect which almost every patient has, but this process is normal and it shows that Keflex really works and affects your health.

You’d better know

Our world is full of different infections and bacteria, every moment we are under the threat of catching an infection, we can of course take preventive measures, but we can’t prevent them at all. So for those who are interested we would like to tell some important information.

People who are taking Keflex to treat bacterial infection can be patient for some time, because they are at the same time take preventive measures for other organs of their body so they can’t have an infection, or if they have two different infections caused by bacteria Keflex will treat both of them, but not only one. So you are protected while you are on Keflex.