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Lioresal is prescribed to treat spasticity.

Drug Related Drug Names
Baclofen, Gablofen, Kemstro

What is Lioresal?

Lioresal can be produced in a state of pills, intrathecal injections and syrup. The injectabled state is approved to fight with sever spasticity, including spinal cord injuries, MS or cerebral palsy. Lioresal contain the active component baclofen.

To tell the truth, it is quit difficult to understand fully how Lioresal works. Chemically it is rather like with gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is a messenger in central nervous system. Lioresal provide the medication right to the spinal cord and that save the rest organism from the side effects.

The drug is taken 3-4 times a day either with food, or you to have an empty stomach. It will be better for you to take medicine at the same time and every day.

The dose is individual and depends on your susceptibility to Lioresal in general and also its separate components. Also inform your healthcare provider about medicines you are simultaneously taking and other possible conditions you may face with.

It is not a medication you can become addictive from or a narcotic. However it may cause some withdrawal symptoms in case if you stop taking too fast. It can lead to the serious consequences as the rapid breakdown of muscle tissue and even loss of life.

To avoid it, you must consult your healthcare provider and he gives you right directions to wean your organism off the medicine slowly and allow time for you and your body to adjust.

Possible side effects and preconditions.

First, before taking the drug your healthcare provider must be informed about some possible disease which took place. Tell him if you had epilepsy, mental illness of any kind, allergic reactions on everything, including dyes, food or preservatives. Also this list must include kidney diseases, history of seizures and the history of stroke.

Baclofen has a potential risk for you pregnancy and for the newborn child during breast feeding.

Every medicine has possible side effects and Lioresal is not an exception. However, everything depends on that factor how the organism of the patient reacts on the medicine.

In fact, most patients tolerate Lioresal well and in case of side effects appearance, they are minor and do not need any treatment or easily can be treated. The most common and frequent side effects are fatigue or weakness, dizziness, drowsiness and low muscle tone.

The overdose of Lioresal can provoke serious problems. In this case it is obligatory to address your doctor and get medical attention.

If you suddenly forget a dose, do not be afraid. Take a dose as soon as it possible. However, in case if it is time for the next dose, you should skip and continue the further therapy with a regular schedule.

Some interesting facts

To study the influence of Lioresal on the pregnant organism, there were different researches based on studies in some pregnant animals. It was given, for example, to the pregnant rat during its pregnancy and afterwards the breast feeding. These researches showed that rat’s babies weighed less and more than 50% of them were born dead. Lioresal also decrease the ability to learn and there were seen some birth defects in newborn rats.

Also it is important to notice that animals and people do not respond to medicines equally. There were some cases when females took Lioresal and problems were not reported.