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Lipitor – drugs for lowering cholesterol level.

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What is Lipitor?

Lipitor is taking simultaneously with specific diet for lowering cholesterol level. This mean is used in that case if others medicines for the lowering cholesterol level were not effective. The high level of cholesterol can lead to a heart attack. Lipitor is taken both adults and children. As for girls, their first menstrual period must go through before starting taking this drugs.

Lipitor is taken orally. It is advised to be taken with or without food. Best time to take it is evening. The dosage depends on the medical conditions of a patient. You should consult the doctor about it and he’ll give you right directions.

Some fruits can increase the level of some medications in blood, so you must consult the doctor for more info about your diet. For example, grapefruit can negatively influence on the digestion of Lipitor in you organism. Also if you simultaneously are taken other drugs, especially if they are used for cholesterol level lowering, you doctor also must be advised of the matter.

Take Lipitor regularly for the purpose to get more benefit from the medicine. You’ll get the most effectiveness in case of using drugs at the same time. It may pass about four weeks before you feel the full effect of this medicine.

Side effects and safety tips.

You can feel the pain in abdomen/stomach or headaches. Also sometimes there is a risk of diarrhea appearance. If you have any of this side effects inform your doctor about it immediately.

Lipitor may quit rarely case tenderness, muscle pain or weakness. These side effects are both unlike and serious. If you serious allergic reaction, yellow eyes or skin, sever fatigue, dark urine and changes in its amount, nausea inform you doctor.

It is obligatory for you to provide you doctor about your health problems, especially if they are diabetes that is poorly controlled, liver disease, cardiovascular, hypothyroidism, kidney disease and so on. If you have any of these problems it can damage your heart and provoke heart attack.

Limit taking of alcohol while the therapy because it can lead to the different side effects. Do not forget that the elderly are more susceptible to adverse effects, especially muscle. A serious allergic reaction means such symptoms as heavy dizziness, swelling, itching, hives, trouble breathing. However most of patients using Lipitor as a rule have no serious side effects.

Lipitor is forbidden for pregnant females, that is why consult with your doctor planning a pregnancy. Be careful because the medicine can damage your unborn child. Lipitor can pass into the mother’s breast milk and have some undesirable effects on a nursing infant.

Some additional fact you must take into account.

Some researches affirm that with the help of statins you can treat such diagnosis as atherosclerosis. After the first researches there was considered that the level of death rate has considerably get lower because of decrease of atherosclerotic plaque.

As you may know the high level of cholesterol promote the growth of the plaque, so we can draw a conclusion that the lowering of it level can slow down there’s growth.

Afterward it was found that taking statins, including Lipitor, could not reduce plaque, it only slows down their growth. It perplexed, as well as plaques do not disappear, and the number of heart attacks decreased by 42%. It was also found that in addition to the lowering cholesterol, statins have additional effects. They are the ability to stabilize atherosclerotic plaque and prevent its rupture.

And as you know, it is damage to the integrity plaque leads to formation of thrombus at the site of laceration with subsequent development of strokes and heart attacks.