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Maxalt is the kind of a drug to treat migraines.

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What is Maxalt?

It is commonly prescribed for patients who are suffering from migraine headaches. Maxalt does not prevent headaches but it can help to weaken migraine effects as they appear. Maxalt works narrowing blood vessels and helping them to return to the normal state. Just this process helps to weaken migraine symptoms.

Take Maxalt as soon as a migraine starts. It comes in regular pills and as orally pills that can dissolve in a mouth quickly. If the headache continues to come back or even doesn’t go away, take the second dose but not earlier than in two hours from the time the first dose was taken.

The dosage of Maxalt depends on different facts including your weight, you predisposition to the drug and other medical conditions which could take place. Also do not forget to inform you doctor about the medications you may be taking at the same time.

Side effects

Every medicine has possible side effects and Maxalt is not an exception. However, everything depends on that factor how the organism of the patient reacts on the medicine. In fact, most patients tolerate Maxalt well and in case of side effects appearance, they are minor and do not need any treatment or easily can be treated.

The most common side effects are dizziness, nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth, neck pain, throat pain or jaw pain, chest pain, fatigue or weakness. You also can feel abnormal sensations as tingling prickling or burning.

Before taking medicine you should consult with your doctor. He must remember the history of your heart diseases and heart attack if they are present. Also be careful if you have such diseases as high blood pressure, irregular heart rhythm or high cholesterol, diabetes, kidney problems, phenylketonuria, liver problems, depression or any allergic reaction.

For females who are pregnant Maxalt may not be secure. It can unfavorably influence on the unborn baby and decrease his number of chances to survive.

In case of an over dose there could be fainting, dizziness, drowsiness, low heart rate, vomiting, incontinence, high blood pressure. If you take too much pills, address to you doctor.


The 12-15 per cent of the population is suffering from migraine. Women as a rule face with this kind of headaches in 2-3 time more often than men. Migraine usually appears at the young age to 20.

The peak incidence occurs in the period from 25 to 34 years. After the onset of menopause in 50% of incidents the migraine passes, and in the rest cases pain intensity is somewhat reduced. There is a genetic predisposition to migraine.

If migraine attacks were faced by both parents, the disease occurs in 60 - 90% of their children, if only the mother - in 72% of cases, only the father - in 20%. Migraines are often inherited through the female line, the presence of family history is an important diagnostic criterion for disease.

Symptoms of migraines are caused by some changes in cerebral blood vessels, but the reason for this change remains unknown.

To study the influence of Maxalt on the pregnant organism, there were different researches based on studies in some pregnant animals.

It was given, for example, to the pregnant rat during its pregnancy and afterwards the breast feeding. These researches showed that rat’s babies weighed less and more than a half of them were born dead. Maxalt also decreases the ability to learn and there were seen some birth defects in newborn rats.