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Nexium is used to treat gastroesophageal reflux.

Drug Related Drug Names
Esomeprazole, Nexium 24HR, Sompraz, Zoleri,
Lucen, Esopral, Axagon, Nexiam

What does a “little purple pill” work against?

Do you know what does stomach or gastric ulcer means?

Many people all over the world face with this “monster” that “eat” them inside and they can do nothing with these feelings because they even sometimes don’t have an idea what it can be.

They just try to use casual medicines to relief the pain they have, but in similar cases people sometimes forget about the first thing they need to do.

They must go to the doctor and to be examined. It will take not so much time to visit the person who will help you to save your health, even if you almost have no time, you need to remember that your health is the main thing you need to take care about.

In cases if you have gastroenterological reflux you can be prescribed some medicines and Nexium can be included in the list.

All the people who suffer from gastroenterological disease can tell you that it is very hard to live with this type of illness.

You can’t even imagine how this feeling inside burns you out. Sometimes you even can feel burning in your stomach and this is often simultaneous with difficulty of swallowing and even tight in your chest.

Sometimes people with reflux even can feel that they have nothing to breathe.

The effect of Nexium

The reasons why you may have a gastroenterological reflux are in the acids, not in them as a single liquid of your body, but if they exist in your body in a great amount and its quantity is in excess. You can be prescribed Nexium in order to diminish its quantity in your stomach and esophagus.

The reasons of the problem can be also in the case when it is hard for your stomach to process the food you have eaten; it can be so called indigestible food, like citrus fruits, red meat or something like this.

There are a lot of reasons why your stomach can be disarranged, but you know now the name of medicine that will help you to keep your stomach acids in normal state and neutralized them. Nexium will return your acids back to esophagus.

That will make you feel better.

There is also one thing you need to know for sure. If you procrastinate with coming to the doctor right after you got any symptoms of gastroenterological disease, then the acids from your stomach can cause tears or erosion in your lining.

This can lead to a disease called Erosive Esophagitis, also known as EE. Nexium can help even in this case. It can heal the erosions in oesophagus and control the acids for some time, so you can eat what you want and not worry about these unpleasant feelings anymore.

Can I combine breastfeeding or pregnancy with Nexium?

This is a good question and only your doctor can give you an answer on it. You need to take into account all the things that can be harmful for your future baby, there are a lot of black holes in the discoveries of this question.

If you are a mother or you want to be a mother at the time you are prescribed any medicines, then you need to inform your doctor about it. It is very important to know if the preparation can harm your unborn child.

The effect of this medicine, Nexium, on a pregnancy is unfortunately unknown for now, but a lot of doctors try to get to know if it is harmful in similar cases. Every person is unique and of course one preparation can affect many people in different way. Ask your doctor if taking of Nexium can influence on you and your future baby harmful.

It is also unknown if this type of medication can pass to breast milk. That is why pregnant and breastfeeding women need to pay attention to it and to ask their doctors about taking Nexium at this important period of their lives.