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Nizoral as effective antimycotic medication

Drug Related Drug Names
Ketoconazole, Nizoral A-D, Ketodan, Extina,
Xolegel, Kuric

General information

There are such skin diseases as fungus disease or fungal diseases which appear as a result of fungus reaction. You can pick up fungus in any way –through manicure accessories, footwear, socks, and towel or from the contact of infected person. In most cases people with impaired blood circulation, overweight, constant stresses, overwork are undergone this disease. Nizoral or Ketoconazole (it’s an international name of the drug) has activity against dermatophytes, yeasts and dimorphic fungi.

If you are a "hostage" of any fungal disease, then you need Nizoral immediately. This drug is ready to "fight" any kind of fungus. It is used to treat and to prevent fungal infections that occur because of patient’s hypersensitivity to certain drugs which are taken. It is used for treating infections of the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.

Vaginal candidiasis and chronic forms of visible skin lesions and nails are diseases that can also be treated with Nizoral. You can use the help of Nizoral against systemic mycosis, as well as a preventive measure of various fungal diseases for people who suffer from constant weakness of immune system.

Al these diseases can be treated with the help of tablets but there is also Nizoral cream. It’s used for treatment of such problems as smooth skin ringworm, athlete's groin, athlete's foot and toes, pityriasis versicolor, skin candidiasis or seborrheic dermatitis.Speaking about the dosage of this drug, it depends on your existing species of fungus.

The dosage and duration of treatment can be prescribed only by dermatologist.

Negative qualities of Nizoral

In spite of its efficiency and wide popularity among a great amount of customers, Nizoral is characterized by many negative qualities. For example, the usage of this drug can be followed by appearance of some side effects.

Among them patients can notice the appearance of headache, dizziness, photophobia, vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. Also its usage can be accompanied by menstrual disorders, skin irritation, burning and many others.

It’s not allowed to use this drug for women who are pregnant or for those who are breast-feeding. It’s contraindicated for those who have heightened sensitivity to at least one component of the drug.

Women who are older than fifty have to be very attentive. It’s not recommended for people who have any liver diseases or allergy.

Also there are other reasons to think before usage of Nizoral if you have any problems of adrenal work. Nizoral is really the most effective antifungal agent. But the usage of this drug requires special attention from the side of both the patient and medical stuff.

Nizoran against the thrush

Nowadays a lot of women suffer from thrush almost every menstrual period or within seven days before it. In most cases it indicates to the fact that it became chronic.

And it’s rather difficult to get rid of it because it’s rather “clingy” disease. Genital candidosis or thrush often occurs in the vagina. Asymptomic cases can be prevalent ( 20% of women were diagnosed with candidosis even without symptoms). They went to a gynecologist for a routine inspection.

Candida is the cause of fungal infections in 80% of women and girls. Main symptoms may include white discharge and itching.

When women feel their symptoms in most cases they go to the chemist and treat themselves without a doctor. First you have to know the reason and type of candidosis you have. Also in many cases woman can’t forget about it taking only anti-fungal medications.

In the fight against this problem candles, medications and the means of general action are useful. One of the most effective medicines is Nizoral. It treats milk-fever well because of its antifungal nature. It has to be taken during 24 hours in the moment of eating.