Buy Oxytrol (Oxybutynin) Online


Oxytrol is a treatment for overactive bladder. It is a transdermal patch. It belongs to a family of medicines called anticholinergics.

Drug Related Drug Names
Oxybutynin, Ditropan, Ditropan XL, Anturol,

How does it work?

Nowadays many people suffer from overactive bladder. For example, in the USA there are more that 30 million people having this disease. OAB (overactive bladder) is a kind of urinary disease when it is hard to control when you pass water.

Bladder has lost the control of urination and it makes a person urinate too often, have an excessive urge to urinate or to lose urination at all.

The mechanism of its action is dual. Oxytrol delivers special ingredient oxybutynin through the skin into the blood. After you wear the patch it takes 3 or 4 days to continuously deliver all the substance into bloodstream.

It works by relaxing the bladder smooth muscle. Oxybutynin stops involuntary contractions or spasms of the muscle. Also Oxytrol relaxes the bladder muscles of outer layer which is called the detrusor muscle.

How to take it?

Oxytrol is a patch measured 39cm2 each containing 36 mg of a special chemical oxybutynin. The recommended dose is one 3.9 mg/day system applied twice weekly (every 3 to 4 days).

Try to follow the schedule and apply the patch on the same days every week. For your convenience there is a special calendar. It is flexible, thin and clear patch. It can be applied to buttock, hip or abdomen.

Each patch is packed separately and protected carefully. It must be applied to smooth, lean and dry skin. The skin area must not have any skin problems; the surface should not be oily, scratched or cut. Be careful not to put the patch to the waist because this place can often be rubbed by clothes.

Do not expose the patch to the sunlight so wear it under your clothes. After using the patch once, apply to a different area of your skin; do not put it at the same place all the time. To apply the patch on your skin, open the protective pouch and take the patch out.

Avoid touching the adhesive side as it may not stick to your skin properly later. It is not recommended to keep the patch without the pack. You do not have to limit yourself in any way while wearing the patch.

It means you can swim, sunbathe, exercise or take a shower without being afraid to tear the patch off. The effect will not be changed. This medicine must not be used by a person who is not 18 yet. Please pay attention to the expiry date on the pack and do not apply the patch if the date is not valid.


Oxytrol has proved to be the best medicine for OAB diseases and one of the easiest to take. Also one of its greatest advantages is that this kind of medication does not seem to have many side effects. The most common are the skin reactions (rash, itching, and redness).

They are usually mild and disappear in 3 or 4 hours after you remove the patch. Many people give their positive reviews due to the convenience of its use and practically unnoticeable side effects. After using it you can enjoy doing all the things you like without thinking of a bathroom: long walks, car rides, movies etc.

Oxytrol was researched by many scientists after its licensing and marketing and compared to similar drugs treating OAB diseases to prove how effective the drug is. The studies showed that more people gave their preferences to Oxytrol. However, some changes of your lifestyle may also influence the treatment of OAB in a positive way, such as restricting yourself from drinking too much coffee, fruit juices and alcohol.