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Paxil is one of the best medicines, which help to fight against depression.

Drug Related Drug Names
Paroxetine, Paxil CR, Pexeva, Aropax,
Seroxat, Brisdelle

Do all patients can take Paxil?

Paxil is a very strong medicine, which is prescribed for depression. It can be prescribed only by the doctor after the special examination. It cannot be used if a patient has some problems with health, because in some cases in can not only to provoke appearance of new dangerous diseases, but also it can provoke death. If a patient suffers with such illnesses as glaucoma, he should not take these pills, because there can appears new, more serious problems with the eyesight.

People, who suffer with constant bleedings or other problems with the blood, are also not recommended to take these medicines. In some cases there can appear the blood clotting, which sometimes is dangerous for the life of the patient.

It is also necessary for the patient to examine his liver and kidney, because medicines for the depression treatment have not very good effect on them. Sometimes after such treatment patients have problems with these organs, because Paxil badly affects them.

Pregnant women should avoid taking Paxil. It is very dangerous for the baby, so it can provoke many maladies in the future. There some other pills that can be used instead of this medicine.

Paxil’s influence on the body and mood

People, who suffer with depression, should try to stay at home after taking this medicine. Paxil has different influence on the mood of the patient, so it can provoke different consequences after its using.

It the first times after its taking patient can feel worse. Some people, who are younger than twenty five years, always have annoying thoughts about the suicide.

Parents or relatives should be near the patient all the time and try to support him. It is recommended to visit a doctor one time in some days during the first weeks of the treatment, which are the most complicated.

Some people complain that they have panics, irritations, problems with the sleep in the period of the treatment with Paxil. Sometimes there appear changes of the usual habits. Sometimes people can get very aggressive and can even hurt themselves or people, who are cloth to them. But these symptoms are not too dangerous for the patients and they will soon disappear.

In some cases Paxil provoke problems with health. They can provoke problems with the lungs and some other organs. If these organs are affected with some diseases, patient should choose another treatment for depression.

What you should expect after you stop taking Paxil?

It is almost impossible to stop taking this medicine without complicated side effects. The thing is that the body get used to this medicine very quickly.

The state of the health after giving up treatment for depression is called antidepressant withdrawal syndrome. For the first time patients complain that they have filling that they caught flu. There can appear dizziness, headache and buzzing. Sometimes people can fill agitation again, but it lasts not for the long time, so they can disappear without any harmful influence for the health.

The process of giving up of the treatment must be gradual. It is necessary just to reduce the dozes for the first time. This process must be very slow and it can take even half of the year.

Only when a patient feels good without pills, he can give up treatment. During this period he must often visit a doctor and to be very attentive to the changes in his mood, because depression can return in every moment.