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Pepcid is a medication which is used to treat our stomach from acid which is emitted by the stomach.

Drug Related Drug Names
Famotidine, Pepcid AC, Acid Reducer,
Heartburn Relief

Don’t allow acid environment destroy digestion!

Stomach acid ruffles inflamed mucous stomach tissue which causes pain and makes digestion worse. That’s why for gastritis treatment, medications which neutralize or reduce stomach acid are used.

There is for instance Zollinger-Ellison syndrome which is characterized by the condition in which the stomach produces too much acid. Pepcid helps to control the digestion. As a result it can decrease all types of heartburn, which can occur after taking some food and drinks, digestive disorders and indigestion. You can take it either before or after your symptoms appear. It guarantees 12-hours of acid regulation.

Also it’s used to treat the GERD- Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease which can be very dangerous and other diseases which are connected with the acid which returns from the stomach into esophagus.

Speaking about heartburn you should know that people sometimes think that they have a heart attack instead of heartburn. They are different. The thing is that if you have a chest pain or heavy feeling, sweating or general ill feeling it doesn’t mean that you have a heart attack. Of course treating by Pepcid requires other actions, such as diet, regime and maybe other medications which interact with above mentioned one.

Go through the list of cases and be sure that you are able to take this medication.

Everybody knows that we should ask our doctor before taking this or that drug. We don’t always listen to this rule. But in the case of Pepcid it’s really necessary to ask your pharmacist if you may take it or not.

If you have such problems as asthma, kidney disease, breathing problems or stomach cancer, you have to be careful to use this medicine. It’s not dangerous for pregnant women. It is not harmful to a baby, even unborn.

But any usage of Pepcid by pregnant women wasn’t evaluated well. Anyway you should tell your doctor that you are pregnant to avoid surprising situation.

The thing is that the structure of Pepcid provides the amount of Famotidine which can pass into breast milk and harm its quality and a baby of course. So, if you are breast-feeding tell your doctor before taking decision to use this medicine.

Don’t take the medicine if you have problems with food swallowing or voting with blood. They are very serious symptoms and can be the signs of a serious condition.

Also it’s not recommended to use it with other reducing acid agents. Besides, you don’t have to use it if the heartburn is accompanied by sweating or dizziness, frequent shortness of breath accompanied by heartburn and stomach pain.

Missing Pepcid tablets

As you see these tablets can be even called magic. People can get rid of heartburn and their happiness can last for more than 12 hours. There were some cases when men who weren’t in a good shape struggled from heartburn the whole life and nothing helped.

Then they read about Pepcid or maybe their friends advised them to use it. They started taking this medicine.

And what did they see?

They saw that civilization is making progress!

And what happened then?

They went to the chemist and all the shelves were barren. After this it has been known that the plant Lancaster which produced these magic tablets was closed via FDA Form as a notice of non-observance. Shortly after this Lancaster plant and a few others were re-opened after government control. Now we cross our fingers and hope that it won’t disappear again.

We don’t know the real reasons of its disappearance. Nobody knows. From the first sight it seems that it’s the FDA which controls everything. It’s very surprising that we don’t have clearer confirmations of the quality of medicine we take.

Yes, it worked well and everybody was happy but it turns out that we have to thank everybody that we have this medicine on the shelves of our drugstores.