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This medication is usually prescribed for people who have recently experienced heart attacks, strokes or suffer from bad circulation of blood in their legs.

Drug Related Drug Names
Clopidogrel, Clopilet, Ceruvin, Clavix,

Have a talk with a professional

The effectiveness of this medicine is proved by time and thousands of people, who succeed to avoid relapse of their heart attacks, strokes and similar diseases.

Due to being forceful and efficient Plavix may affect your body in different ways, so you have to discuss all details and all the peculiarities of your body and your treatment with professional, to prevent possible side effects and pains.

So you have to tell your doctor about all diseases you have or had, which you think will be important when prescribing the drug, also mention all the medications, herbs and additives you take, it may also be rather significant data.

There is a list of diseases you must mention at the consultation with doctor, because usage of Plavix when having them is usually forbidden or the dose is very small. So these diseases are: Hemophilia, recent operations, dental surgeries, problems with kidney, stomach ulcer, different kinds of inner bleeding etc.

Also ask your doctor if you’re going to take other drugs together with Plavix, your doctor will probably warn you if it is interact with each other.

This medication didn’t show that it can be harmful to an unborn baby or if you are a breast-feeding mother, but nevertheless doctors don’t advise to take it when pregnancy, no one know for sure how it will affect your future child.

Use this tips and side effects will not occur

When you have talked to your doctor in charge, you made clear all the nuances and have a prescription and medication, the only thing left is to start taking it.

Generally your healthcare provider has to explain you some basic rules of taking these pills, but if he didn’t you may take advantage of this small tips.

The first thing you should always remember is that you have to follow the prescription strictly and implicitly, never increase the dose, never take double dose, never take pills longer than it was prescribed.

Over dosage may cause difficulties with bleeding, and even death. Take this medication with a glass of water. There are no special food interactions of Plavix, but there is a list of drug interactions, so you have to discuss it with your doctor.

Postpone your visit to dentist for a while

Answering the most widespread questions it is significant to mention that Plavix is a long lasting medication, so it is normal if you take it for several years, the only thing you should worry about is no take no alcohol at all or take it rarely in very small quantity.

Otherwise it can lead to unexpected results, which won’t be pleasant at all.

The majority of people taking this medicine experience slight side effects, but this is a normal phenomenon, it just means that it is working and affecting your body. In case if you experience symptoms which are not mentioned in the list of possible side effects you have to consult your doctor and complain about all you are anxious about.

The question about visiting dentist is rather urgent.

As you take Plavix for a long period of time, you will probably have some teeth to be filled or pulled out, but when taking this medication such procedure will be risky, so you will probably have to stop taking it for a while and then after the dentist visit and some time later you will start taking it again, but of course you have to decide it only with your doctor in charge, because only he knows the peculiarities of your body and the history of your disease. Never make medical decisions without the help of professional it may be dangerous for your health.