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This medicine is used by patients who treat the stomach and esophagus acid.

Drug Related Drug Names
Lansoprazole, Prevacid OTC, Prevacid SoluTab,
Prevacid 24HR

Helpful information

The acid which is emitted by the stomach can lead to such problems as acid reflux, ulcers and erosive esophagitis. Treatment by Prevacid can relieve such symptoms as difficult swallowing, heartburn, sleeping problems and cough. For the treatment of ulcers which appeared due to the long-term use of some drugs from swelling and pain.

Moreover it can be used for treating some kinds of ulcers which were caused by bacterial infection. And of course it may prevent esophagus cancer.

Acid blocking is the principle of its work. If you have some problems with heartburn which occurs two-three days a week term, don’t wait for immediate results and be ready to wait 2-4 days to full effect.

Follow the advice of checking the instruction and the list of ingredients before using it.

The thing is that manufacturers can have different lists of ingredients even with the same name of the medicine. Antacids can be used with Prevacid if it was prescribed by the doctor.

The duration of treatment and dosage of this medicine depends on your situation and therapy reactions.


There is a risk of some Prevacid interaction. You can’t start or finish the dosage of this medication without doctor’s consultation. Your doctor has to be informed about all the changes, if you use such medications as voriconazol, varfarine or cilostazol.

The effect of some medications which need stomach acid for interaction can be decreased.

Also the allergic reaction can be observed. The reaction can be different. If you have difficulty breathing, hives or face swelling, headache, stomach pain or diarrhea you have to call your doctor immediately.

This medicine contains lansoprazole and the allergic reactions can be mostly to it. Be attentive to tell your doctor your medical history. Especially it’s not advised to use it for people who had liver disease.

There can be some more dangerous problems, such as heartburn with dizziness, shoulders and chest pain following by difficult breathing and loss of the weight.

Speaking about the dosage of this medicine, you have to make something like a plan or schedule. If you missed taking the medicine because of any reasons you should take it immediately.

Of course be attentive not to use two doses at once instead of taking them separately.

Prevacid and gastroesophageal reflux disease

The best way to get rid of reflux disease is to use this medicine. There is evidence that even children, who have had this disease since childhood showed better results even in several weeks of medication.

Children who had similar problems were as young as 12 years old. Children’s condition was improving very rapidly.

The pharmacists tell that there is a chance that it cannot work well because of some reasons mentioned above.

The thing is that the medication used for treating mentioned disease helped to heal the damage acid influenced in your child’s esophagus. Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD is the problem which can have any person.

The GERD can be cause by abnormal esophageal contractions and slow stomach emptying. Barret’s esophagus is the most dangerous complication of the GERD. It’s the condition when people have to be very attentive carrying out the endoscopic surveillance for cancer development.