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Strattera is used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

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Suicidal thoughts because of Strattera… Do you believe it?

There are a lot of articles in the Internet that the usage of Strattera can make children and teenagers to think about death and how to make a suicide. Well, in this article we will tell you some things which can be useful for you in treating your diseases.

Many doctors maintain that Strattera, also known as Atomoxetine, when it was prescribed to children and teenagers, have caused a lot of thoughts about making a suicide in them and it was made in a very short period of time.

So, many patients with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, well known as ADHD, were taken and held in psychological clinics in order to help them to get rid of these thoughts. There was a big risk that these groups of people have a great potential to make a suicide.

When patients have any illness, in this case it was Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), they become aware of that many other people feel sympathy to them, they start to think everything over and it can increase the risk of suicide in similar patients.

This state of emotions can be the reason of changes in the patient’s mood. It also can cause some unusual changes in behavior or even clinical worsening.

The thing you need to understand clear is that Strattera have no affect of antidepressant, the only thing it can “fight against” is the ADHD.

Strattera and other medications.

When you have some diseases and you are prescribed to take lot of remedies, then you need to find out the reaction that can be in case if mix them together. So, here are some most common cases of combining:

When you or your relatives were prescribed to take Strattera, there is no need to be in panic and to take anti-depressant pills.

You need to know that if you need to take an antidepressant known as monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI), your doctor need to give you some information about it. You must not combine taking of these two preparations.

The period of time between your taking them must be at least 14 days. In the other case, while treating one disease you can reach severe or fatal reactions.

You also must not take this type of medication when you have an illness of your eyes. The high blood pressure in your eyes, named narrow-angle glaucoma can be the reason of a lot of problems with health while taking Strattera.

A lot of examinations show that Strattera can influence on arterial pressure. This is why you need to be careful when you combine these preparations.

You need know that even without over dosage or simultaneous usage with different preparations Strattera can be dangerous in taking it. It can cause somnolency by itself, so when you take a capsule of this medication you need to wait for a while or even to refuse driving a car.

Is there anything that can influence Strattera effect?

For sure there are a lot of factors that can influence on the effect after taking all of the medications you can be prescribed. To tell you the truth, every of ever created medications have the same thing. Their effect always depends on the lifestyle of a patient.

There were some cases when many people with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder tried to do their best in many types of sport and finally it helped almost all of them.

If you take any medicine, and even if it is like Strattera, you need to think over your lifestyle. The person who will help you in making decision about is your doctor. He can give you an advice what kind of sport will promote the better recovering.