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Tenormin - an oral ß-blocker. It is used in treating hypertension and angina

Drug Related Drug Names
Atenolol, Cardioten

Some general information of Tenormin

There are a lot of remedies against angina and hypertension, but Tenormin is among one of the most effective in this sphere of medicine.

There are some common rules you need to take this medication. First of all you need to talk to your doctor and to get to know if you are able to take Tenormin.

If you have any allergies on the ingredients of this preparation then your doctor will prescribe you another drug. But you need to know for sure what kind of reaction on this preparation your body will show.

You need to know also that it is better not to use Tenormin at the time of pregnancy and breast feeding, because nobody knows how it will affect on the health of your still non-born child.

There are some other facts that can influence on the prescription of this medicine to you, but nobody accept your personal doctor will tell you about all the various side effects that can appear after taking Tenormin.

Here are some factors of taking Tenormin that can worsen your health.

Tenormin, also known as atenolol, is a beta blocker which can increase risk of death if you have certain breathing problems like asthma and some more chronically diseases that are connected with your breathing.

You need to pay attention if you have history of heart failure. If you need to make any type of surgery then you need to tell to your doctor too. He must think over with which drug he can substitute it for.

Tenormin include some ingredients that can influence both ways good and bad. If you already have some severe allergies, the usage of this medication can cause anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis is an allergic reaction when your lips, face and throat swells. It can also be a reason of hard breathing. So, when you are prescribed to take Tenormin, you need to be ready that it can make another of your diseases severe.

The amount of sugar in your blood is another factor that can be worsens while taking this kind of medicines. You need to be careful in taking Tenormin if you have diabetes and the level of sugar in your blood is low.

There are some ingredients in this medication that can influence on the way how insulin will be absorbed by your body. It will be interesting for women all over the world, who are told by their doctor to take Tenormin is connected with breast feeding and influence on children, so we will tell you about it.

If you a mother of new-born child and you doubt to take this medication or not then you need to know that Tenormin passes to breast milk and nobody knows how it can influence on the body of your baby, so you need to avoid combining these two things.

Tenormin in children

There are a lot of articles which you can get the information from, that neither Tenormin nor any preparation that is included in its formulation is harmless for children, but you need not to believe everything that is written there, in fact, there were no any experiments that can prove that.

Taking Tenormin can influence good on a child’s body and health. You need to understand clear that this preparation can be too strong for children that is why all the pediatrics can tell you not to use it in children. It can be not safe for children, but there is an only case when you can use this medication, but the dosage must be calculated by the doctor. If your child has a disease called Marfan syndrome, then you need to talk it over with the doctor. In some cases Tenormin was the only medication that could ever help. So you need to decide it on your own.