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This antibiotic is used to treat bacterial infections.

Drug Related Drug Names
Sumycin, Cyclopar, Abramycin, Amycin,
Achromycin V, Actisite, Panmycin

Inform your doctor

Before taking this medication, you should first of all consult your health care provider, get a prescription and read an instruction on how to take it. It is important to treat diseases caused by bacteria, other way this medication will be useless.

Use this drug only as it is prescribed .

Before taking Tetracycline you have to provide doctor with all information about diseases and allergic reactions you may have.

  • If you have allergy to Tetracycline, or other similar medications;
  • Tell your doctor about all the medications, supplementary and herbs you take or have recently taken;
  • Remember that while taking this medication, oral contraceptives which you use, may lose or decrease their effectiveness, so you have to take BCP (birth control pills) to avoid unexpected and undesired pregnancy.
  • You should compulsory inform your doctor if you have different kinds of allergy reactions, diabetes, problems with kidneys or liver, asthma etc.
  • In case if you are going to get pregnant or unexpectedly get pregnant while taking this drug.
  • If you are supposed to have operation, even if it is dental surgery you have to tell your doctor about it and ask him for advice.
  • When taking Tetracycline you have to avoid direct sunlight, because your skin may become sensitive and it may cause sunburn. So use special clothes, sunglasses and other stuff which may help you to avoid sun rays.
  • You shouldn’t give Tetracycline to children under eight years old, because in this case it can be the reason of stained teeth at your child.

Missed dose or overdose

In case if you missed the prescribed dosage you have to take it as soon as you remember, but in case if you have to take the next dose, just take the prescribed dose and skip the previous pill. Never take more pills than it is prescribed.

It may be a reason for possible side effects. If you overdose ask for immediate help, because the less noticeable effects of over usage are sickness and diarrhea, but these consequences can be much more serious and harmful. So never pet off your visit to doctor if you notice some unusual symptoms.

Isn’t it too long?

People may use Tetracycline for five or even 10 years to treat many different kinds of diseases. The question that we are interested in if it is possible to take this medication for so long?

Answering this question we can say that of course people are not advised to take any drug for too long, especially if it is antibiotic.

But the reasons for taking Tetracycline are so different that it is even hard to advise something. The only fact that should be mentioned is that gradually your body forgets how to live without medication and even if you decide to withdraw it, you may fail, because your body won’t be able to cope with the relapse on its own.

So it is better to think about this question in advance before your body is addicted to this drug. Tetracycline is not an addictive drug, but it can become an integral element of your body, without which it won’t work the same way. But even this drug helps you and you don’t have any side effects, you may take it as long as your doctor thinks it is needed.