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Zovirax is a drug used to treat genital herpes and cold sores which are both caused by herpes simplex infection.

Drug Related Drug Names
Acyclovir, Sitavig

About Zovirax

Zovirax is typically manufactured as an ointment which should only be used externally. You should avoid applying the cream to your mouth, eyes or vagina because it may irritate these areas. Remember to have your hands clean when you put the cream on and wash them after applying too.

If you wish for the infection not to spread do not touch the sores unless you absolutely have to with either your hands or your towel.

Sometimes after 10 days of treatment there is no substantial improvement visible, if that happened to you, you should consult your doctor about it. It may mean that you need an alternative treatment for your infection.

Because applying Zovirax to the eye area may be potentially harmful for you this medication should not be use for treating herpes virus infections of the eyes.

If you are allergic to Zovirax do not use it. Also if you start taking this medication and after a while begin to experience any kind of an allergic reaction you need to stop your treatment and consult your doctor before coming back to it. Your doctor may lower the dosage or find another drug that you are not allergic to.

Be aware of potential side effects

There are a few known side effects that are typically connected to the direct usage of Zovirax, however they can be different in different individuals.

The most typical side effects are the following: burning or stinging sensations that typically appear for a short period of time right after you apply the cream, mild flaking drying, or itching of the skin areas that were in contact with the medication.

The rare and more serious side effects may include flushing of the skin or the condition called erythema, or allergic inflammation of your skin, which is also known as contact dermatitis.

However, if you use Zovirax it doesn’t mean that you will get any or all of the side effects mentioned above. You may get none of them or get one that is not yet known to the doctors.

Because of this you should notify your physician as soon as you find any significant changes in your health if you find any.

Zovirax is safe to use for pregnant women and breast feeding mothers. There is only a small amount of the medication that can get into the bloodstream and the danger of it getting absorbed by the skin is insignificant. However, you need to consult your doctor before starting treatment as only your doctor knows what is best for you.

New remedy in treating warts

Warts – enlargements on human skin that many of the people have can be very different, some of them vary in size, appearance and the level of danger this condition can hold. Most of the warts are caused by the virus called HPV and even though there is no medication that can completely cure the virus, Zovirax can help your body fight it.

Zovirax is used in many patients to help reduce the duration and severity of warts. Many of the individuals who have tried it clam that they have experiences significant improvements quite soon and some even say that their warts were completely gone.

Treating warts in time can be very important; some of the people who used Zovirax when the warts first appeared were able to avoid having surgery in the future.