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Zyprexa treats mental diseases

Drug Related Drug Names
Olanzapine, Zydis

How should the patient take Zyprexa?

This medicine is prescribed to treat the mental diseases, such as anxiety and bipolar disorders. The treatment with these pills can be prescribed only by the doctor. It is very serious and dangerous medicine, so the patient must take only such dozes, which doctor has recommended.

The patient can take smaller dozes only if the results of the treatment are high. It the other case treatment will give no positive results. And the doze, which is bigger than necessary can provoke difficult problems with the health in the future.

The medicine can be taken only one time in a day. They can be used with or without food. It is necessary to take pills in the same time every day.

Zyprexa won’t work excellently without another treatment. Patient should also visit special talking therapy. The doctor will help the patient to get rid of his problems during special psychological support program.

Patient can’t stop taking the medicine in one day. It must be done graduate under the doctor’s control. Even if the pills don’t bring necessary treatment and cause some side effects you have to wait for some time until give them up completely. During this time patient must visit doctor all the time, because he can feel worse during this period.

Patient must be very attentive during the treatment with the help of Zyprexa

Zyprexa always provokes high level of sugar in the blood. So it is necessary to check it all the time. The patients, who suffer with diabetics, must find other treatment, because these pills can provoke a lot of problems with health.

In some cases patients can get high weight during the treatment. In the most cases this problem is very high spread among the teenagers.

Some pills can’t be combined with Zyprexa. In some cases the combinations of this medicine with another pills can be very dangerous not only for the health but for the life too. If the patients need to take other remedies, they must consult the doctor.

Before taking, pill must be kept only in its bluster. If the pill is damaged, even a little, patient should not take it. It is also necessary to hold the pill only with the dry hands. Patient can drink some liquid during Zyprexa pill taking.

Some doctors also recommend not swallowing the pill at once. It is better to hold it in the mouth until it will be dissolved.

What problems with health can treatment with Zyprexa provoke?

Zyprexa has a very big influence on the body of the patient. That’s why there can appear many side effects during the period of the treatment. Patient must visit a doctor all the time when he takes these pills.

Sometimes people, using Zyprexa can feel no changes in the state of their health.

But some of them usually have difficult symptoms. Some side effects remind allergy, so they can easily be mistaken. Some people complain on the rash and itching, which last for a long time. There also appears swelling of the face or tongue.

Some people can have constant pain in different part of the body. In most cases it is provoked in the back and joints.

In some complicated cases, patients have visual-spatial agnosia. It is very hard for them to walk or to sit straight. Such side effects can’t be treated at home. It is necessary to visit the hospital at once. There are no medicines, which can treat all the symptoms, caused by Zyprexa. That’s why every side effect requires its own treatment.